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Practicing Bankruptcy During Your Senior Year

Bankruptcy Associates is one of the premiere creditors' groups, with a mission to guide clients through all the steps needed in filing for bankruptcy. They have extensive experience in the bankruptcy court system and a highly skilled group of attorneys, paralegals, bookkeepers, accountants and financial experts to assist you in the preparation and filing of your bankruptcy petition. Bankruptcy Associates also provides their members free legal assistance in negotiating a payment plan with creditors and helps them prepare and submit the necessary documents to the bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy Associates is affiliated with several law firms, which give the added benefit of having large libraries with a diverse collection of current articles on bankruptcy law. Attorneys with Bankruptcy Associates can assist you in deciding whether bankruptcy is right for you and your family.

The reorganization option has been designed for senior citizens who have huge accumulated debts. Under this program, the debtor's unsecured debts are replaced with one single monthly payment at a lower interest rate. Bankruptcy Associates provides the necessary legal counsel and information needed to determine if this option is the best method of dealing with their financial obligations. The option of refinancing has been created to help senior citizens reduce their monthly monetary obligations and increase their disposable income. Bankruptcy Associates can assist a client in applying for a refinance of a home loan to repay principal and fees, if that option is available.

Several business finance professionals choose to become associates after they complete a four-year college degree or equivalent, and pass the Certified Bankruptcy Specialist (CCS) examination. Bankruptcy Associates has the option of working in a variety of areas within the field of bankruptcy law. Paralegals are responsible for researching and interviewing candidates, reviewing financial documents, and performing duties such as answering correspondence. Accountants work with creditors to formulate and organize a plan for repayment. Many attorneys choose to become paralegals because the Certified Bankruptcy Specialist (CCS) exam focuses on business finance and accounting, and does not require a specialized background in bankruptcy law. Read more great facts on Consumer Proposal,  click here. 

Attorneys who choose to become paralegals focus on the financial obligations of a client, and prepare all of the required paperwork to file bankruptcy. It is important for paralegals to understand the difference between liquidating assets to pay off creditors and hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to negotiate repayment plans with creditors. Paralegals also must understand the basics of contracts, wills, trusts, and property liens.

Attorneys may choose to continue practicing after completing a four-year college degree. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2021 there will be a shortage of bankruptcy lawyers in the United States. In order to remain a practicing attorney, it is recommended that individuals complete a certified bankruptcy class. Attorneys must register with the State Bar Association and pay a fee to be admitted into the bar. The United States Bankruptcy Court approved the requirements needed to file bankruptcy in each state by adopting rules and regulations. Please view this site  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/outside-the-box-bankruptcy-solutions-for-student-loans_b_59e770f7e4b0e60c4aa366ea  for further  details. 

Summer associates can expect to study bankruptcy law, practice oral advocacy skills, develop business plans, and learn about financial obligations and assets. The goal of attending a summer associates program at an accredited bankruptcy law school is to gain additional information about the intricacies of the law and familiarize attorneys with complex debt problems. Graduates of these programs are qualified to provide legal representation in a bankruptcy case.

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